Friday, January 31, 2014

Girls Scouts attend HAIRSPRAY

Junior troop 71198 from St Raphael School in Medford recently went to see the Wheelock Family Theatre production of " Hairspray" that was advertised in the GS Catalog. This was one of the best shows we have ever seen! It rivaled Broadway! Kudos to GSEM for advertising and letting troops know about this amazing production. This show portrayed many of the values we teach in Girl Scouts. Tolerance, Acceptance, Being true to yourself....  It was so awesome to see how well our 9-yr olds related to this story line.
And the cast and crew were so terrific after the show, signing autographs, answering questions and we even got a back stage tour!
Thank you GSEM for letting our troop know about this wonderful show! An experience our troop will not forget!

Amy-Jayne McCabe and Dee Fagan- Co-leaders St Raphael School, Troop 71198 Medford, MA.

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