Friday, January 31, 2014

Audience Comments HAIRSPRAY!

In the 10 years that I have now been in Boston and attending the WFT shows each year, this production of Hairspray is the best ever! I have loved all of your shows over the years, but this production just blew me away. The beautiful harmonies (and talented belting solos) were spot on; the dancing was superb and fit the period so well (as did the costumes); and the frozen tableaux images and dancing in the audience really captivated the crowd and drew us in.

My students LOVED it! They can't wait to write their formal "professional" critiques in tomorrow's classes with me (their academic assignment after going on the trip). And just kept talking about the show right thru lunch and back at school.

AND several want to come BACK to bring their families! (One chaperone even remarked that even though he was there with his daughters today with us, he wants to get tickets to see it again on the weekend!) And when our 8th graders heard we went to see the show (and didn't take them -- they went last year when they were 7th graders to see Oliver, as is the tradition to take our 7th graders to a WFT show each year)... several said, "fine! We're going ourselves this weekend on own, since you didn't take us." Awesome! There was such a buzz from our 7th graders that other grade levels want to go, too!

It was heartwarming to overhear some of our students saying that it was great to see a show that was not "all white." Our school population is roughly 70% African & Caribbean American and they really appreciated a show that told a story that many could connect to and to their families. It has made for great discussions already. Thank you for that.

 -Meegan Turet
Academy of the Pacific Rim
Hyde Park, MA

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