Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whatchoo Want?

I went to bed thinking about you guys last night. No, really. I did. I knew it was time to reach out with a blog post (because I missed writing here and I just KNEW you missed reading.) But then I got to thinking: what is there to write about that is novel? On my personal blog, I write [mostly] about my kid, which is easy. He's doing new things every day and I am learning things about him and myself and the world constantly. I have an ever-present and ever-expanding bank of photos from which to choose and I know that I have a loyal team of followers, waiting to hear what cute or brilliant thing he's going to do next. (Today, it was to "creatively spell" the word microwave with his magnetic letters on the fridge: M-G-R-W-A-V. He's not yet four years old.)

(Okay, I know I just totally threw in a gratuitous mom-brag. But, I mean, come on.)

Aaaaanyway, cute as that stuff is, I know that's not what you're here to read. But, what I realized that I don't know is what you are here to read.

So, if you'll do me a kindness and reply to this short (7-question) survey, I'd be very grateful. Collecting this data will enable me to make this blog just what you want it to be.


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