Saturday, October 27, 2012


  1. Words used to describe the play:

funny, love, sadness;

funny, entertaining, sad;

hilarious, entertaining, sad;

entertaining, colorful, interesting;

funny, lovely, jealous

  1. Which characters did you enjoy the most?

Anne Shirley and Gilbert;

Josie and Gilbert;

Gilbert and Anne;

Anne and Gilbert;

  1. Questions you have:

why did brother of Marilla have to die?

Why girl hated the fact that Gilbert didn’t love her and acted like this at the beginning?;

What inspired you to do this play?

How long did it take to produce?

How long did you rehearse?

Why did Matthew have to die?

Why didn’t Marilla accept Anne at the beginning?

Why did Gilbert act like a bad person b/c of the girl who hated Anne?

  1. Favorite scene or moment:

Gilbert and Anne’s fight when she started school;

When Anne Shirley was going to leave Gables;

The ice cream scene and when Matthew died I cried;

When Anne threw the thing over Gilbert’s head;

When Anne and Gilbert find themselves together;

  1. Anything else:

I really liked the play and they did an amazing job;

Good job, I really enjoyed my time,

Love you Mr. Jensen;

To hopefully be in a play with both of them;

Thanks so much for having us, Brad and Charles!


Yarielis, Melissa, Darveens, Alex, Angie, Stamenley, Mrs. Grady and Ms. Grady


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