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Professional Training for Teens at WFT !


Aladdin at wheelock

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I personally cannot wait for spring vacation and summer camps and intensives at WFT! I have had the pleasure of teaching with WFT since 2005, and of all the theatres I have worked for, it is by far my favorite. There is a reason why teachers and students come back to WFT year after year, and it’s not the glam of performances! It’s the connections made with other artists, with our community, and even within ourselves.

Interested in taking a class? We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

-Beth Peters



April 2011, Spring & Summer Classes for Teens

Teen Classes at WFT

August Performance Intensive 2010, Spring Schedule:

5 weeks, 2 hour classes

Urban Dance

Ages 12-16: Tuition: $250

Sats. 4/23-5/21, 11am-1pm.

Instructor: Robin Connors. Students will explore the roots and varieties of modern street dance, including hip-hop, jazz and more.


Monologues & Cold Readings for Auditions,

Ages 9-16: Tuition: $250

Weds.4/27-5/25, 4-6pm.

Instructor: Danny Bolton. How do I select a good monologue for myself? How can I prepare for a cold reading? These and other essential elements of successful auditioning will be the focus of this class.


Acting for Commercials,

Mons. 4/25-5/23, 4-6pm.

Instructor: M. Lynda Robinson. This class for youth and teens will look at the particular challenges of selling a product on-camera. Attention will also be given to creating compelling head shots and resumes, as well as appropriate etiquette and wardrobe for professional auditions.

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teen acting class

Wheelock Family Theatre's education program is sustained by both a professional theatre staff and an institution of higher learning, Wheelock College.

The result is a dynamic and exciting drama curriculum for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 17 that teaches drama skills AND connects those skills to child development theory and practice.

WFT educators create challenging drama and movement games, improvisations, and exercises that help youngsters learn not just the HOW but also the WHY of onstage thoughts, feelings, and actions.

WFT designs a scope-and-sequence of class offerings within each age group so that students are consistently asked to build upon what came before.  Experienced students can then audition for Wheelock Family Theatre's advanced performance programs and mainstage productions.

Check out WFT's Summer Programs!

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