Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Annie” Tech Week is here!! Opening This FRIDAY!! Homecoming Party too!

Annie Image 1pinto,_yamin,_sheeranPinto, Yamin and Sheeran pause for a note from the Director, Jane Staab. 

I LOVE tech week - the last week before a play opens is my absolute favorite time of the whole process, other than a first rehearsal – my WFT students will tell you I really love that one too!

Both tech week and first rehearsals bring out the very essence of theatre – for better or worse(!) – and this is why I love it:

The sense of community that theatre artists share with their audience – nothing is better than spending a whole week making sure you do the very best of that with your fellow artists and for your audience (WHO’S COMING FRIDAY?! DID I MENTION THAT!!??)

The 150% focus that must be given to the production – whether you want to or not, if you’re involved in a meaningful way with the show, all you will do that whole week is sleep, eat, and do things for the show. Sometimes the sleeping and eating is accidentally forgotten. This usually improves over time in the theatre world.

It’s time to “make it work,” - as Tim Gunn says from “Project Runway.” I love watching and being part of all the final decisions being made. Entrances being changed, “bits” being cut for time or because it turns out they don’t work, magical new things going right in last dress rehearsal and hearing “Keep it,” from the director, I love all of it!

I can’t wait for dress rehearsal! I’ll let you know how it goes!!

This overly-excited post brought to you by,

Beth Peters



Opening is this Friday at 7:30!! Hope to see you there!

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