Friday, October 22, 2010

“Annie” Opening is Tonight!!

I scoped out the Final Dress Rehearsal and my investigation led me to create this mysterious list so that I do not ruin any surprises!


(and by ‘hated,’ I really mean ‘loved’ . . . Read on!)

1. The opening, the opening, the awesome first ten minute opening of the show.

we_love_you_A 2. The music, the players, the conductor – I felt like I was maybe, just maybe, in 1933.

3. You know what? It really is a HARD KNOCK LIFE. But at least we can dance about it! I forgot how great that song is and the girls really rock it.

4. I’m not going to say much, and I have to conceal his picture so that the pupperazzi don’t hound him – but there is a dog named Sandy in this musical. An adorably soft, cuddle-tastic doggie.

5. Mrs.. Hannigan (played by Cheryl McMahon) is really really mean. Five seconds after she entered, the school teacher in me wanted to yell, “Be nice to those children, lady!!!” This character is really deplorable and I couldn’t wait for Annie to escape!


Grace as Annie and Cheryl McMahon as Mrs. Hannigan

The show has so much energy and every song makes you want to sing along (you probably should not . . .). The cast is clearly having a great time together, including “Sandy” the dog. The dances are fun and you want to just get up and join (but you also, probably, should not . . .) My personal favorite song was “We’d Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover.”

Tonight is the Opening, and I’m bringing my Mom!

See you at the theatre,

Beth Peters



Opening is this Friday at 7:30!! Hope to see you there!

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