Monday, March 9, 2009

Charlotte's Web Cast

Bob Saoud* as Wilbur.
Merle Perkins* as Charlotte.
Grace Brakeman as Fern.
With John Davin*, W.Yvonne Murphy*, Gerard Slattery, Sarah Kindelberger, Charlotte Horan, Michael Nurse, Monique McIntyre Brown*, Wesley Taylor*, Drew Hawkinson, Victoria Townsend, Harold Withee*, Tadesh Inagaki, Dan Reulbach, Samantha Boucher, Emily Eldridge-Ingram, Emily Sheeran, Whitney Sandford, Marissa Birne, Wesley Boucher, Marisol Coovert, Trey gaskin, Nkechi Kamala, Ugo Kamala, Sasha MacDonald, Abby Spare, Kimetra Thompson, Jimmy Larkin, Jessica Ayer, Penelope, Alexia Perides, Sophie, Pels, Olivia Rees, Emily Coffee, and a mad cluster of baby spiders: Nia Thompson, Donya Shavarini, Violet Maxfield, Tamyjah Thompson, Matilda Wrobleski, Milla Metlicka, Talia Vyadro, Abigail Mohr, Banjamin Haber, Katie Gustafson, Rachel Selvin, Angelique Goss, Gussie Gordon, Samil Battenfeld, Dessie Bell-Kamen, Annika Haber, River Mallick, Audree Hedequist, Zoe Tekeian, Jacob Simes Speyer, Hanna Joseph, Kyla Frieden, Hiroshi Irizarry, Becky Mason, Abby mason, Adi Volosov, Rider Stevenson, Sam Litchman, Sofia Hauser, Maya Fray-Witzer, Ava Fray-Witzer, Aaron Weiner, Anamaria Grieco, Alexis Daly, Christina Xiao, Jaclyn McCauley, Dorothy Levine, Elizabeth Chai, & Carolina Bragg.
* Members of AEA, professional union of actors.

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