Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angela Williams as Mayzie, Kamaua Hashim as Horton, Jennifer Beth Glick as Gertrude in the WFT production of SEUSSICAL!


  1. Hi Charles
    I used to work with Jody many years ago - now I teach the autistic class at Horace Mann School for the Deaf. My class is coming Thursday to see the show and we can't wait! I have a student who uses pictures to communicate so I was looking for images online to create the pages for the show - I wonder if you have any other photographs of the actors in costume that you could post or email me? It would make the connection so much clearer for him. Be in touch if there's anything you can do! Thanks!

  2. I saw the show in february and I just have to say it was amazing. It made me laugh so hard that I cried. The casting was brilliant, I loved Horton(he was so sweet), and Gertrude McFuzz(an amazing singer!!), The sour Kangaroo(so sassy and soulful), but my personal favorite was Angela Williams as Mayzie La bird her voice is so powerful and capturing, she caught my eye every time she was on the stage even if she was in the back (which was like never because she was Mayzie). I also stayed for the Q & A after the show and she seemed so sweet and down to earth and lucky for me nothing like her character. =]

    I think she is a ever-shining light in the Wheelock family.


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