Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Saint Joan?

“There were only two opinions about her. One was that she was miraculous: the other that she was unbearable.”

George Bernard Shaw’s provocative masterpiece features one of Boston’s most celebrated young talents, Andrea Ross, the youngest performer to be honored with an Elliot Norton Award. Joan of Arc, the world’s first feminist teen rebel, bucked against all the conventions of the Middle Ages. She didn’t hesitate to speak her mind, wear men’s clothes, lead a charge of soldiers, or talk with God —and she was burned at the stake before she reached the age of 20. Joan’s extraordinary journey, her unbounded faith, and her passionate determination to enthrone a King; produces what many consider to be Shaw’s greatest play. Expect to be inspired, uncertain, and dismayed; but above all, expect to recognize, in these characters of the year 1429, qualities and conflicts still crucially important in the world of 2008.

Are exceptional people doomed to be destroyed by society?

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to defy authority?

Is capital punishment “just”?Do we consider it possible for women to be leaders of men?

The drama of Saint Joan is the eternal quest for Truth. Will reason outweigh belief? Does faith excoriate logic? Shaw’s Saint Joan is immediate and unfiltered; its intensity and immediacy arouses individual identification, empathy, and discovery. Share the experience of live theatre at Wheelock Family Theatre’s production of Saint Joan.

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