Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Emerging Playwrights: Alex Drumm Jr.’s "How to Pimp a Butterfly"

Started in 2012 with funding from the Susan Kosoff Legacy Fund, the Emerging Playwrights Program is a Wheelock Family Theatre initiative that teaches teens playwriting skills as a vehicle for expressing their voices and ideas. This year's cohort of six students has been mentored by WFT teaching artists, has attended workshops by Boston's leading playwrights, and has had the opportunity of having their works brought to life by professional directors and actors. They have learned skills in critical analysis, communication, collaboration and creativity that will benefit them in the 21st century.

In this video we see Alex Drumm Jr.’s How to Pimp a Butterfly. This piece deals with some of the many stereotypes that young black men face throughout their daily lives and how preconceived notions can be an obstacle to making real human connections.

Content Warning: This video contains strong language and content.

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