Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Theatre as a Rehearsal for Life!

Education Programs at Wheelock Family Theatre

Wheelock Family Theatre’s Education Programs are sustained by both a professional theatre staff and Wheelock College, whose mission is improving the quality of life for children and families. Child-development faculty from Wheelock College work with artist-educators from WFT to create a challenging and rigorous theater curriculum that is available throughout the year. The result is a dynamic and exciting education program for students between the ages of 5 and 18. A scope and sequence process can inspire at any age. Some young people might pursue a career in the arts, some may develop an appreciation for patronage, and others might take the practices of critical thinking and creative problem solving into business or science. WFT wants to develop healthy, caring, engaged citizens with the necessary tools and skill sets for life!

Build young imaginations! Use movement, character play, and exercise improvisational skills in classes that foster a student’s creative and social development. Performance skills connect to child and adolescent theory and practice, and help young people learn not just the how but also the why of onstage thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Beyond the stage these are the first tools for success in everyday life.

Our classes for youth can develop and expand a student’s toolbox of skills.  Reaching children through play-acting, storytelling, character development, visualization, and vocal and physical exercises can build a student’s confidence, empathy, collaboration, trust, and other social/critical skills. Theatre can be a rehearsal for life!

Teenagers who are interested in expanding their skill sets in performance are offered a robust selection of weekly classes throughout the year. The Emerging Playwrights Program is designed for teens to enhance writing skills, develop scripts, and prepare staged readings with local actors and directors. Intensives during the school vacation weeks offer rigorous training in voice, movement, scene and character development, and the audition-based summer classes: Story Troupers, Musical Scene Study, Advanced Performance, are serious conservatory classes for teen artists.

All students in WFT Education Programs are invited to audition for main stage shows for appropriate roles. Age, audition specifics, and the rehearsal/performance schedule should be considered.

If you would like our help in selecting the best choice(s) for your child, please contact Lloyd Woodcock at 617-879-1175 or lwoodcock@wheelock.edu

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