Friday, May 8, 2015

Review Quotes! Everybody Loves Shrek!

“Wheelock's delightful and energetic Shrek sends a positive and timely message about not judging ourselves or others by what's on the outside rather than by what's on the inside. In our looks-obsessed society, it's a message that kids can't hear enough.”
-Margaret Hagemeister; Boston Events Insider

“The performance itself was… full of heart, dedication and sincerity. The ensemble cast sings and dances their hearts out, and their comedic timing is on point.”
-Meghan B. Kelly;

“You will be treated to a very entertaining, fun and professional performance. I was really impressed with everything from the wardrobe to the dance numbers. The cast did an amazing job in making all fairy-tale creatures come to life. You can tell the little kids and little kids at heart enjoyed the show by the sound of the infectious laughter in the theater.”
–Nicole; 5StarMommy

“Shrek the Musical was one of the best musicals I have ever seen. My favorite part was when Donkey fell down from the sky. Lord Farquaad, as tiny as he is, will make you laugh your head off. Fiona is sassy, rude, and sweet all at the same time. I know this, you’re going to leave this play with a smile!”
 -Makenna; 5StarMommy

“Weird or not, I can guarantee that your kids will love the show.”
-Victoria Burdman; At Home in Boston

“I laughed even more than the children in the audience.”
–Beverly Creasey; Boston Arts Review

“Wheelock’s production is a good one that executes the material well. Shrek himself (Christopher Chew) is impressive and consistent in the title role, Shonna Cirone brings the same biting sarcasm Sutton Foster did in her role as Fiona, Mark Linehan steals the show in the physically taxing role of Farquaad, and Maurice Parent wins over every kid in the audience with his Donkey. The ensemble, which includes everything from eighth graders to professionals, are versatile and energetic, and the puppetry used for the Dragon is masterful.”
-Jamie Loftus;

“Sometimes you just have to trust the kids. The first glimpse of Wheelock Family Theatre’s Shrek is a surprise. Instead of the round, green, smoothly computer-animated ogre of the movie, this Shrek is tall and hairy, with a lumpy green headpiece and mossy dreads. But as played by Christopher Chew in Wheelock’s “Shrek the Musical,” this ogre was a hit with the children…. they laughed and cheered and clapped in all the right places.”
-Joel Brown; Boston Globe

“Okay, so maybe it's not so simple to create an engaging and entertaining show that appeals to both kids and adults. But the Wheelock Family Theatre's production of Shrek the Musical, about a grouchy ogre, a feisty princess and a loquacious but kindhearted donkey, does it, and does it so well that when the curtain closed on the final makes-you-want-to-dance-in-your-seat song, my 9-year-old son and I looked at each other and said, "We want to see that again!"
-Michelle Curran; Mommy Poppins
“Do not make the monstrous mistake of missing this show!”
–Al Chase; White Rhino Report

“From the colorful, sparkling, feathery costumes to the beautiful backdrop lighting and transformative sets, all of the show's visual elements are first-rate.”
-Sarah Chantal Parro; Talkin’ Broadway

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  1. Great event dear, I love to take my kids to events like this as it inspires them to be more creative and explore different world. Last time I took them to a play at Boston venues near my place and they really enjoyed it.


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