Saturday, May 9, 2015

Carla Martinez. Actor Profile SHREK THE MUSICAL.

"During my final semester in college, I saw an audition posting for a production of Oliver! at Wheelock Family Theatre. I was new to the Boston theater scene and was hoping to find a company that would welcome me with open arms. That's exactly what WFT did.

Being an actor of color, I always have a million questions running through my mind before heading to an audition. As I walked into WFT that day, I kept saying 'there's no way they're going to cast an Hispanic woman in Oliver.' I was surprised to see so many actors of all shapes, sizes, and COLORS waiting for the dance call. The environment (even though it was an audition) was calm and warm. People were catching up and reminiscing about their time in past WFT shows. Jane Staab even met each auditioner at the door, shook our hands, and walked us all the way to the front of the theatre to meet the music director. I knew from that moment on, if I were to get cast, WFT would become a very special place to me.

Now, as I'm getting ready to open my fourth show, the word 'home' so accurately describes how I feel about WFT. I'm honored to stand on a stage that's accessible to so many different communities. Our ASL performances are some of my favorites and I love getting the chance to interact with the audience during talkbacks. WFT also offers tickets at a number of different prices, so that everyone has a chance to experience live theater; regardless of whether or not they can afford it.

I'm forever grateful for not only the experiences, but the love that WFT has shown me in the short time that I've worked there. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes for being fearless pioneers of inclusion and also to the patrons who continue to donate to this incredible company. It's good to be home!"

Annie Kerins, Carla Martinez, and Jillian Couillard as the 3 Blind Mice in the WFT production of SHREK THE MUSICAL.

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