Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Maritza Bostic is Alice in new Wonderland at Wheelock

A Reading, MA native, Maritza is a proud member of Salem State's graduating class of 2014 with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts Performance. She was recently a finalist in KCACTF Region 1 Festival where she received the VASTA Award and Linklater Scholarship. Her recent credits include: Into the Woods (Lyric Stage Co of Boston), Hairspray (Wheelock Family Theatre), A Little Princess(Fiddlehead Theatre), Les Misérable (Reagle Music Theatre), School House Rock Live! (Boston Children's Theatre). 

As any actor I have my usual list of concerns when going in for auditions. Am I right for the part? Did I pick the right song? Do I look young/old enough for the role? Does it matter if this character is African American? Now of course, there are shows where race is essential to the telling of the story. But, as I got older, I started to differentiate those stories from the roles that just so happened to be originated by someone who was typically Caucasian. And to me that meant there was no reason for anyone to feel like they could not do a part because the character didn’t “traditionally” look like them.

After coming from being a Dynamite in WFT’s recent production of Hairspray I was ecstatic to be gifted with the iconic character of Alice from the story Alice in Wonderland. I remember not knowing whether to cry or scream while on the phone with the director. I was nervous because this would be my first major lead role in professional theatre. But ultimately, I cried because I had again been validated as who I was: an actor.

The Wheelock Family Theatre is the perfect place for someone to try something new. Wheelock is about bringing theatre to people of all types of multicultural background as well as accessibility to people with disabilities. And what enhances their ability to do that so wonderfully is by having shows filled with diverse casts. It is so great being part of a theatre company that fosters inclusion within the audience, to the people who work behind the scenes, and are seen on stage. 

Maritza Bostic with Ciera-Dawn Washington and Kerry Wilson-Ellenberger in HAIRSPRAY
Maritza Bostic with Leigh Barrett in rehearsal for ALICE.

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