Friday, October 31, 2014

ALICE. a dramashop at the Eliot Pearson Children's School

Today was another day of bliss and busy fun in our kindergarten classroom. John from the Wheelock Family Theatre came and told the children the story of the play they will be seeing tomorrow. It was fantastic! He told them that the play is an adaptation of the Alice in Wonderland story, so there will be some things that will be different from the original story and from the Disney version. For one thing, the main character, Alice, is played by an African American actress, and not depicted as a blond haired, blue-eyed child. John explained that Wheelock Family Theatre strives to give its audience the chance to see people like them performing on stage. After offering a summary of the story, he asked if anyone would like to do a little acting exercise - being a caterpillar. Three children volunteered.

After today's morning meeting about riding the school bus and viewing Alice the Musical, I expect that the children are ready for our school-wide adventure and will likely have a great time tomorrow. Here are a few pictures taken during their meeting with John.

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