Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SPRING SEMESTER of 5 week classes for children, youth, and teens!


Spring Semester I:  5 Saturdays, 3/16-4/13/13– Tuition: $275

·         B7.  Many Voices Inside of You.   9-11am. Begins with the voice and the imagination to create unique characters and situations.  Improvisation, movement exercises, and vocal work all help let those internal voices be heard!

Spring Semester II:  5 Saturdays, 4/20-5/18/13– Tuition: $275

·         B8.  Tiny Dancers.  9-11am. Builds upon spontaneous movement to explore beginning ideas for shaping movement pictures and stories.  Ideal class for the kinesthetic learner and for any student who loves to move!


Spring Semester I:  5 Saturdays, 3/16-4/13/13– Tuition: $275

·         C7a.  QUICK!  It’s Improv Time!  9am-11am. When panic isn’t an option… Students will learn how to calmly, creatively, and quickly respond in a variety of unexpected situations, proving that quick thinking can save a scene or a play!

·         C7b.  Creating 5-Minute Plays.  11am-1pm. A bonsai approach to playwriting.  Students will write, cast, act, direct, and produce brief, original dramas in less than ten hours! 

Spring Semester II:  5 Saturdays, 4/20-5/18/13– Tuition: $275

·         C8a.  The Voice:  Exploring Characters Through Accents and Dialects.  9-11am. Connects vocal work to character development for focus and strength.  Explores and applies the principles of pronunciation, stress, and placement in creating specific and authentic accents and dialects.

·         C8b.  Broadway Hits:  Building a Singing Character. 11am-1pm. Examines the relationship between singer, character, and story.  Students will explore how to balance these elements using hit songs from Broadway.


Spring Semester I:  5 Saturdays, 3/16-4/13/13– Tuition: $275

·         D7.  Stage Combat:  Duels and Battles.  11am-1pm. Emphasizes the safe and graceful dance behind the illusion of onstage violence.  In addition to the basics of stage combat, students will learn how to add character details and to place combat in the context of the dramatic scene. 

Spring Semester II:  5 Saturdays, 4/20-5/18/13– Tuition: $275

·         D8.  Comedy Improv. 11am-1pm. Covers the basics of comedic improvisation. Students will learn how to initiate and build on scenes, practice active listening, use the environment, and support scene partners. 


Register by Phone: 617-879-2235

Register online: www.WheelockFamilyTheatre.org

Register by mail: WFT Education Programs. 200 The Riverway, Boston MA 02215

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