Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I miss live theatre, which is a crazy thing for me to think when I have access to so much of it. Who am I to be missing it when I have a professional theatre literally down the street from me as well as living a mere 20 minutes from Philadelphia, which hosts national runs of almost every touring show. I am also just a short two-hour drive from NYC. What am I doing sitting here, missing theatre?

I think it's a function of having a little kid. I saw a lot more theatre when I was kidless and, frankly, a lot more when I was single, too.

But there really is nothing like live theatre and I want to get back to seeing more of it. What keeps you from seeing the shows you want to see? Is it location? Money? Time? Maybe our new year's resolution should be to make the time and space in our lives and budgets to sit in a dark theatre, just checking out and soaking it in. Technology switched off and me-time switched on.

(Maybe we can all start by getting tickets for Oliver! Wanna?)

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