Friday, December 2, 2011

Top Five Things We Love About Drama Class

At Wheelock Family Theatre, we strive to offer a variety of classes for all ages groups and theatre interests.

Here are the Top Five Things We Love About Classes at WFT:

1. We teach different acting styles. Whether you are interested in improvisation, classical acting, singing and dancing, or scene study – we have a class for you.

2. We have different teachers with different styles. All of our teachers are professional educators and artists. They bring different energies to the classroom and you are guaranteed to have a different experience than you do at school!

3. We offer classes to suit different schedules. We have weeknight classes, weekend classes, vacation camps, and summer intensives. No matter what your life is like, you can fit a drama class in!

4. We balance our work between “process” and “product.” This means that we think it's just as important to experience the joy of creating the artwork, as it is to  show it to the audience. Both parts are important to our program.

5. We have a lot of fun. Whether you are taking the most intense Broadway Song and Dance class, or your first ever class at WFT, our classes focus on the joy of expression. Come experience it, yourself!

Yours in blogging,
Beth Peters

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