Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lively, Lush & Local with StageSource!

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One of our favorite blogs to read around here at WFT, is the Stage Source blog, where they post articles of interest, information about the theatre profession and recent events – and they also have a knack for starting lively discussions about highly debatable topics in the arts, in the theatre, and in education.

Check out their recent series, “Getting Lively, Lush and Local,” in which they highlight Boston area theatre artists and their thoughts on the work. Look for your favorites, or read about new people you should get to know. Here are a few examples:

Getting Lively, Lush and Local with Rafael Jean


Getting Lively, Lush and Local with Kenny Steven Fuentes


Getting Lively, Lush and Local with Beth Peters - ooh that's me :)

Take a look, and if you’re one of our WFT artists, fill our their survey, and get Lively, Lush and Local, yourself!

Yours in Blogging,

Beth Peters

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