Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the award goes to . . .

Great congratulations to nominees for the 2011 IRNE Awards - Aimee Doherty (twice, for TWO WFT productions!), John F. King, Cheo Burne and Grace Brakeman! Also our hearty congratulations to Ilyse Robbins, Timothy John Smith, Ms. Jacqui Parker and Russell Garrett for their noms for work throughout Boston! Congrats all!!!

2011 IRNE Nominations!

Click above to read the full list . . .

See below for a few pictures of our nominees!

annie warbucks

Grace Brakeman and Timothy John Smith in “Annie”

jackie parker and mary

Jacqui Parker and Katherine Doherty in “The Secret Garden”

Cheo Bourne and Aimee Doherty Crack'd

Cheo Bourne and Aimee Doherty in “HONK!”


Russell Garrett . . . as Russell Garrett Smile 

SEUSSICAL Ilsye Robbins Santio Cupon

Ilyse Robbins and Santio Cupon in “Seussical”

Yours in Blogging,

Beth Peters 


  1. You are so sweet to include me in this. Many congratulations to all those nominated and especially this wonderful company!

  2. LOL I am seeing this for the first time!! Thank you!!! ~ Santio


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