Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Live at Tech/Dress Tonight!

So I’m live here at WFT and we have just started the run. I have to say, the beginning is just plain … spooky. Mary comes all the way from India to the house of her Uncle to stay, it is rainy, cold and dreary.  Like any precocious young lass, she immediately begins to complain, singing , “No, I don’t like it!” which is the mindset of too too many little girls in new experiences. Though . . . you really can’t help but agree with her – this house (the set) looks absolutely cold-hearted and I might even say just plain cold – shivering, wet, brrrr cold. Olde English Country charm turned heartless and sad.
This is a photo from a different time in the show, but I think it really shows the beautiful set design and mood of the first act.

I wonder where the story will progress Smile  

One thing that is universal about tech rehearsals is that they seem stressful, even though they aren’t always actually stressful. That sounds odd, but here a few things that you must have to get a dress rehearsal accomplished: Yelling; Stopping; Starting; Repeating; Directing; Disagreeing; and Repeating; and also Repeating.  If you’re not used to it, it can seem like there is too much going on and too many people thinking that their job is the most important – but aha! – that is the brilliance of it. The Director, the Music Director, the Sound Designer, the backstage costume Dresser, and the Actors all have a job to do and they're all correct, their job is  the most important – and it’s all these micro-battles during Tech and the respect that theatre artists have for each other and the work, that makes the Dress Rehearsal and ultimately, the Opening Night so tightly and wonderfully successful.

Yours in blogging, and more this week!
Still looking for tickets?! 

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