Saturday, December 11, 2010

Street Cred is "Where It’s At" ( or “2 Ballerinas or some tap shoes on”).



DANCE REVIEW: 'Urban Nutcracker' gives Tchaikovsky some street cred

Read this wonderful article above, out of the Patriot Ledger. Here is my favorite quote
“The characters are from the here and now, rather than long ago and far away in some middle-European city. You have to look hard for the traditional pastel costumes of the original work because the people onstage in “Urban Nutcracker” wear hoodies and jeans as often as tutus and tights, while many of the large number of children have sneakers on their feet instead of ballet slippers.” –Iris Fanger
This is exactly what I enjoyed about the Urban Nutcracker.  The dance piece as whole seeks to attract and entertain all children- not just little ballerinas, or little girls who like to dress up, or moms who used to dance – this piece is for everyone, EVERYONE! (Written as a former little ballerina / little girl who still  likes to dress up and future mom).

The costumes, varied from a traditional Sugar Plum Fairy "getup," to hooded sweatshirts, loud high-tops that look unlaced, and loud crazy colors – gave me the feeling that I could go up onstage in my own street-wear and jump right in. Thankfully for the Ballet Rox company, I held my seat. Smile

So I survived yet another WFT event where I did not, in fact, go up onstage and embarrass myself and maybe ruin the show – here’s hopin’ for next time!

Need tickets to Ballet Rox’ “Urban Nutracker?"?
Yours in blogging,
Beth Peters


  1. This Fanger quote is certainly "rich": Williams has created a work to reflect not only the ethnic cocktail of our population but the multi-generational mélange contributing to the vibrancy of the Boston neighborhoods. WOW, she kinda says it all albeit in awkward metaphors.

  2. I agree, Charles. The whole article is great. I wish the company - Ballet Rox - would do other tales, and Urban Cinderella perhaps?!


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