Thursday, October 7, 2010

“Annie” Rehearsal rockin’ out last night!


Hi everyone,

It’s your friendly blogger, Beth Peters Peters close up headshot , writing to tell you that I dropped by Annie rehearsal last night and it was rocking! While I visited, the orphans and choreographer Laurel Conrad were reviewing and perfecting one of the musical’s top hits, “It’s a Hard Knock Life.” – Dancing all over the stage and jumping from bunk beds are just some of the crazy antics that these orphans get into at the top of one of Broadway’s most celebrated musicals.

The set for Annie is also looking super cool. Though yet unpainted, the structure is surprising and gives the actors a lot of choices for movement and dancing. I can’t wait to see it all in color and costumes and with the full orchestra!!

Charles Baldwin took some pictures last night - check this one out!

Laurel (center) gives some instruction on the "Hard Knock Life" 10/8/2010.
Scenic Design by Anita Fuchs (this photo, in process, prior to opening)

More from the blog to follow, and see you at the theatre!


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  1. The scenic design is by Anita Fuchs. I'll be really curious to audience opinions on her abstracted approach to NYC.


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