Friday, September 24, 2010


CAST: Grace Brakeman (Annie), Gillian Gordon (Star to Be), Dale Place* (FDR), John F. King* (Rooster), Claire D. Kolheim* (Lily), Cheryl McMahon* (Miss Hannigan), Gary Ng* (Drkae), Gamalia Pharms* (Mrs. Greer), Aimee K. Doherty* (Grace), Jenna Lea Scott (Mrs. Pugh), Chauncey McGlathery (Bert), Timothy J. Smith* (Oliver Warbucks)

ORPHANS: Alexandra Ryan, Emily Sheeran, Whitney Sandford, Joanna Rosen, Hyacinth Tauriac, Kristina Ayanian, Kharimah Muhammad, Caroline Workman, Jessica Dagg, Audree Hedequist, Emily Pinto, Gracie Goddard, Maryam Yasmin

ENSEMBLE: Patrick Barron, Dan Bolton*, Hannah Dober, Jeffrey Sewell, Courtney Sullivan, Taylor James, Robert Rogers, Matt Spano, Abigail Seidel, Alan White, Meryl Galaid, Meredith Stypinski, Ceit Zweil

*Members of AEA, the union of professional actors and stage managers

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