Friday, August 13, 2010

Free Performances Friday August 13!

“Prize Winning Plays and Performances: A Mirror Up To Madness”

Director’s Note

The teens in Wheelock Family Theatre’s 2010 Advanced Performance Intensive program have plunged head first with incredible passion, intelligence and enthusiasm into their exploration of very challenging roles in some of the finest drama and comedy to premiere on both the American and British theatre stages.

These aspiring artists have both a rare opportunity and a daunting challenge as they follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest actors that have won crtitical acclaim for their work in these plays. You will see woven throughout the scenes in this tapestry of plays our exploration of the theme of madness and sanity. It is clear that our behavior and self-image is quickly altered by the circumstances around us and is deeply affected by others perceptions of us.

Each member of our ensemble has been challenged to stretch themselves both physically, vocally and emotionally and encouraged to take new risks each day of this demanding two week training program. Thank you all for joining us here tonight to add the final piece to our ensemble’s exploration. You are the ultimate heartbeat and pulse of the actor’s work—our audience.

We hope it makes you think, feel and hang onto someone close to you.

Fran Weinberg, Director
Teen Advanced Performance Intensive

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