Thursday, December 17, 2009

HONK! The Cast...


Cheo Bourne* (Ugly)
Peter A. Carey* (Bullfrog)
Tadesh Inagaki (Jay Bird, Father Swan)
Sarah DeLima* (Lowbutt, Grace)
Aimee K. Doherty* (Ida)
Drew Hawkinson (Beaky)
Kim Kalunian (Henrietta, Pinkfoot)
Jimmy Larkin (Billy)
Mark Linehan (Drake)
Jaime Montesano (Queenie, Mother Swan)
Monica Moran (Penny)
Gary Ng* (Turkey, Barnacles)
Gamalia Pharms* (Maureen, Snowy)
Emily Pinto (Fluff)
Brian Robinson* (Cat)
Jenna Lea Scott (Dot, Bewick)
Scott Severance* (Greylag, Farmer)
Lauren Tempesta (Downy)

*members of Actors’ Equity Association

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