Saturday, November 28, 2009

ASL - Final Performance! A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

Based on the book by Charles Dickens.

ASL/AD performance: Sunday November 29 at 3:00

Discounted tickets available! Use the discount code: ASL and tickets are only $15

Set during the tumult of the French Revolution, The Reign of Terror, A Tale of Two Cities vividly dramatizes the intertwined fortunes of a French Aristocrat who reject’s his family’s tradition of terrorizing the lower classes and a drunken lawyer who finds meaning in life through an requited love. This new adaptation of the Dickens classic poses questions as pressing today as they were two centuries ago.

How does one prioritize loyalty?

Is violence ever justified?

What are the costs to society of a citizenry divided between rich and poor?

Can a single act of honor and love counteract a world filled with hatred?

And, in the face of war and terror perpetrated in the name of a broader cause, what is the definition of a life well lived?

ASL Consultant: Mikey Krajnak

ASL Interpreters: Aaron Malgeri & Gabrielle Weiler

Audio-describer: Vince Lombardi


Bill Mootos* (Sydney Carton)

Jane Staab* (Madame Defarge)

Paul Melendy* (Charles Darnay)

M. Lynda Robinson* (Miss Pross)

Robin Eldridge (Lucie Manette)

David Rothauser* (Dr. Manette)

And with Kortney Adams*, John Davin*, Jonathan Overby, Cliff Odle, Tara Henry, De’Lon Grant, Dale Place*, Brian Quint *Members of AEA

ASL/AD: Sunday November 29 at 3:00

Tickets: $15 ASL

Box Office: 617-879-2300

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