Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best of Times, Worst of Times

A Selective Timeline:

1760 George III becomes King of England. Colonial population 1.6 million
1763 Treaty of Paris; borders of United States established
1764 Mozart writes his first symphony, at age eight
1767 Daniel Boone crosses Appalachians, keeps heading west
1768 New York Chamber of Commerce established
1773 Boston Tea Party. 342 chests of tea go into the drink December 16
1774 First Continental Congress convenes, in Philadelphia, Sept 5
1775 Patrick Henry says "Give me liberty or give me death!"
1776 Common Sense written by Thomas Paine
1776 Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson, with John Adams
1778 France declares war on England, becomes ally of America
1783 First daily newspaper is Pennsylvania Evening Post
1788 First settlement in Ohio is Marietta, named for Marie Antoinette
1789 French Revolution. Bastille falls Jul 14. Declaration of Rights Aug 26th
1789 Mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty; survivors establish Pitcairn Island Colony
1790 Supreme Court meets for the first time; John Jay is Chief Justice
1791 USA Federal capital to be established in swamplands on the Potomac
1791 First ten Amendments are Bill of Rights that go into effect this year
1792 New York Stock Exchange organized by brokers meeting under a tree located on what is now Wall Street.
1793 War between England and France. U.S.A. declares neutrality
1793 Reign of Terror in France; 1st republican constitution in France adopted
1794 Maximilien Robespierre was guillotined in Paris without a trial
1795 Washington poses for Stuart's portrait, which is now on USA dollar bill
1796 Washington's Farewell Address

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