Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Hugs in Boston

So HUGWORKS went on last evening at WFT, and while it may have been "without a hitch", the prep work for sound, lights, and the animation was an all day affair. But Paul, Jim, and Noel were especially gracious; they're pros to be sure! And tech shout outs to Matthew and Brian. Thanx also to Sue, Frankie, Luci, Molly, Ruth and Santio. I think the WFT rocked - and we brought in a sweet house of almost 200 folk.

The evening was videotaped (thanx Kathy Wittman) but a few rehearsal shots were grabbed before the evening took off. The performance was relaxed, the music folksy and charming. The children danced and clapped, what better way to spend an evening?

Thank you to Dr. Pasch, who's commitment to children and the arts, her love of WFT and her lead in the Department of Scholarship and Research at Wheelock College, brought together the artists and the institution to create a wonderful night.

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