Tuesday, June 30, 2009

January 29 - February 28, 2010
Friday nights at 7:00, Saturday & Sunday matinees at 3:00.
School vacation week matinees, Tue 2/16 - Fri 2/19, at 1:00.
ASL/AD: Friday February 26 at 7:00 & Sunday February 28 at 3:00.
Mother duck Ida has been sitting—not so patiently—on her nestful of eggs, while her husband Drake “ducks” his share of parental responsibilities. When Billy, Beaky, Downy, and Fluff finally emerge, they are proper quacking ducklings. But when Egg #5—the big one—cracks open it reveals something altogether different. Ugly honks when the others quack, he’s bullied and teased because he doesn’t look like a duckling, his own father claims he’s created a monster. But Ida loves her child just as he is and tells him that it’s what’s inside that matters. Unfortunately, the roguish local cat agrees and lures Ugly over to his house “for lunch.” Ugly manages to slip off the menu, but he lands in trouble in the middle of nowhere. While the heartbroken Ida searches for him, Ugly sets off on a quest to find home. Along the way, he meets an eccentric assortment of creatures—from a ragtag squadron of geese to a philosophical bullfrog—who help him see the value of his own difference. In the end, Ugly finds home, himself, the ability to forgive even his worst enemies, and the confidence to make an important decision about his future. Brimful with wisecracking fun and a rollicking score, at its heart HONK! is a tender story of love and the meaning of being different. A rollicking comic musical; winner of the 2000 OLIVIER Award for Best Musical.

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